PV Invest GmbH’s development company in Hungary is stepping up delivery of power plants in various areas of the country, says Andrea Bereczki, founder of Green Solartech LTD.

At the end of 2018, the townships of Gádoros and Árpádhalom got connected, while this year Green Solartech’s development company will continue to deliver further investments in the area of Szolnok, Kolontár, Lesenceistvánd, Kaposszekcső, Tápé, and Balástya.

Günter Grabner, CEO of the PV Invest parent company, finds it particularly positive that support for environmentally conscious energy sources is underway in Hungary.

Green Solartech LTD. Green Solartech Ltd has been developing 6,8 MW worth of projects in Hungary since 2012 and wishes to double its developments in the coming years.

Currently, implementations by PV Invest Group are carried out by PVI GmbH, meaning that these two large Austrian companies are particularly effective in the Hungarian market.

Andrea Bereczki, founder of Green Solartech LTD. thinks energy efficiency is a central issue for all of us as consumer-level use obviously keeps expanding, resulting in growing commitment to renewables. (x)

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